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Project Experience
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Key Technical Personals
Mr C.Varadarajan – Technical Adviser
  10 years - Experience as Design engineer, Telco ERC
  • Conversion of NC chassis into FFC of TMB truck (807), Design of chassis, front, axle, suspension, duo servo brake, master cylinder & controls for 407, Design of FIS for TATAMOBILE, Fortran programming for Leaf spring design, system analysis for spring articulation layout automation., Design automation FORTRAN programming for coil spring design, propeller shaft/UJ design, Analysis automation for Leaf spring design, FA beam, Mode /moment distribution analysis of chassis frame.
  7 years - Member R&D.SUZUKI Design TVS
  • Design of VMX, EXPRESS35, SCOOTY except ID & induction / exhaust.
  2 years Freelancing Designer
  • Consultant to Harita Grammer, TSL, IFB, RHW, IFB AUTOL1V, ION. EXCHANGE, Astra. IDL, design of recliner mechanisms, moped master layout, seatbelt release mechanism, and spray inhaler, servi prime. syringe etc.
  6 years - Chief engineer Heavies & Special Vehicles
  • Design of Stallion.111 (army) with new controls, new suspension, new spare wheel crane, Re-engineering of Light Recovery Vehicle (army) with new wheelbase, new suspension, Re-engineering of Field Artillery Tractor FAT for Bofors Gun with new cabin, new hydraulic winch, new hyd crane, improved crew. Cabin, new spare wheel crane, new load body, Reengineering of Auxiliary Gear Box for High Mobility Vehicle. Reengineering of equalizer-suspension for heavy tractor to meet IS using CAD, CAP & FEA, and Design of YAK 3 tonner for Singapore MOD with non-joggled frame, progressive rate suspension, and torsion-free cab. Suspension, torsion-free load bodies to meet 25 deg inter axle twist.
  6 years - Chief Engineer Farm Equipments
  • Re-engineering Tafe30 tractor for easy steer, cost reduction, heavy duty, aluminum radiator Reengineering Tafe24l tractor with hybrid Rear axle, plastic tank, plastic grille, cost reduction. Concept design of De-Dion type Rear axle & special FES for front suspension for Tropical Tractor/ dual-purpose tractor.
Mr S.Nakkeeran – Head Executions
  Post graduate engineering 15 years experience in CAE
  • 5 years experience in customer support in ANSYS for increasing the productivity of FEA.
  • Technical head to co-ordinate ANSYS support for India.
  • 1-year experience in technical consulting in CAE for the consulting group.
  • 3 years experience in Mechanical Dynamics Inc., for support, training, and consulting in the field of Multi-body dynamics.
  • 6 years in charge for the Engineering consulting group of 15 people.
  • Work responsibility including business development, pre-sale of consulting services, proposal, and delivery in the area of CAE. 
  • Domain of services include are automotive / heavy equipment / white goods etc.,
  • Area of specialization is finite element analysis, Multi body simulation, CFD.
  • Skill development of personnel for CAE applications.
  • Software skills: ANSYS, Hyper mesh, ADAMS, CFX. Ls-dyna, FE-fatigue. Application area: Structural Analysis, Thermal, Dynamics, and CFD.
Software skills: ANSYS, Hyper mesh, ADAMS, CFX, Ls-Dyna, FE-fatigue. Application area: Structural Analysis, Thermal, Dynamics, and CFD.
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