Project Experience
Project Experience
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Stress, Thermal, CFD, Fatigue Analysis, PSD and shock Analysis,
Meshing for crash/NVH & Multi body Simulation

Project Experience
  • Analysis of clutch housing of an automotive.
  • Design and Analysis of lifting cradle for transporting heavy equipment.
  • Modal analyses of pressure switch in a pipeline.
  • CFD analysis of rotating blades of movers.
  • CFD analysis of an inlet manifold.
  • Fatigue analysis of a knuckle of a passenger car.
  • Stress analysis of a heavy-duty tire-manufacturing machine.
  • Aero dynamics analysis of an automobile.
  • PSD analysis of bicycles carrier in an automotive.
  • Meshing of a plastic flow analysis.
  • Airflow analysis of air conditioner duct in an automobile.
  • Parametric modeling and analysis for structural optimization of washing machine tub.
  • Simulation of a quenching process using Finite elements analysis.
  • BIW pre processing for crash analysis of automobile.
  • Drop test of container.
  • Stress analysis of bulk carriers.
  • Analysis of headers in heat exchangers.
  • Analysis of seat frame of passenger.
  • Transient thermal analysis of ceramic process simulation.
  • Shock analysis of on board structures.
  • Structural analysis of impellers.
  • Analysis of storage tanks.
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