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Engineering Services
  The core activity of the company is to provide customer end to end engineering solution services to organization. The ever-increasing customer expectation to develop quick, cheaper and also realizable product, demand for innovation and continuous improvement of the product, necessitates the need to products, necessitates the need to collaborate with organizations that understand the need and the required technology, knowledge, and skill.

HEXDOF engineering have people on board, with domain expertise and credibility in having in-depth understanding of method to realize new product for its customer.

HEXDOF is capable of delivering services in the area of automotive, Heavy Engineering, Home Appliances and medical applications. Our range of services includes design, analysis, virtual mockup and prototyping of the product.

Our services help companies achieve these product development objectives by providing adequate blend of domain knowledge and software tools & technologies in every stage of product development.
Our Key Services are as follows
  • Product Innovation and solution
  • Mechanical systems Design and layout.
  • Analysis and Design validation.
  • Reverse Engineering. 
  • Product Re-engineering and value Engineering.
  • Corporate domain training.
  • Mock up & Prototype development.
  • Engineering Design consultancy
  • Software skills training.
  The above Services can be rendered in the following verticals :
    • Automotive and Light Truck
    • Heavy Truck and Bus
    • Off-highway Equipment
    • Military Vehicles
Railways and on board ship system
    • Rail vehicle simulation and dynamics.
    • Shipbuilding and Marine system validation for on boards systems.
General Machinery
    • Industrial Machinery and Equipments
    • Entertainment and Sporting Goods
    • Mechatronics
    • Biomechanics, Ergonomics, and Medical Equipment.
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